Meet our KuneKune Pigs

Here at Warbonnet Farms, our KuneKune pigs love to bask in the Colorado sunlight. We are a small, family-operated farm in Northern Colorado with beautiful open views of the Front Range.

Why We Love Our KuneKune Pigs

Kune Kune pigs have rightfully earned their reputation as exceptional companions for various reasons. They are compact and have a gentle disposition making them ideal for small-scale farms like ours. They are a delight to interact with and their personalities are amazing!

Kune Kune pigs have a sociable nature, endearing themselves to individuals and families. Beyond their charming personalities, Kune Kune pigs are practical additions to a farm due to their efficient foraging abilities, helping maintain pastures and clear overgrown areas. Their adaptability to different climates ensures that they can thrive in the northern Colorado environment.